“Prosperity across generations”

Leaving your Mark

Provide the right assets to the right people and organizations at the right time

We and our clients believe major family decisions should be well thought out and analyzed by a team of experienced professionals and family stakeholders.

Management of Trusts, Estates and Foundations

Tillman Hartley helps design, implement and manage your estate plan. Here’s how:


Our founding partner Michael Tillman, JD, co-author of Generations: Planning Your Legacy, practiced estate planning and tax law for over twenty years prior to forming the wealth management team at Tillman Hartley. Through his experience we have built relationships with leading estate planning attorneys and CPAs across the country.

Integrated Investment Management and Estate Planning

Coordinating your advisors saves you time, eliminates the expense of duplicated or counterproductive efforts, and can result in a better outcome for you and your family.

Tax Alpha

"Alpha" is a fancy financial term meaning, essentially, "excess return." In our business "tax alpha" is our ability to reduce taxes owed each year through careful trading. We also help clients minimize gift and estate taxes by implementing a number of innovative, interrelated planning strategies.

Expertise in Charitable and Foundation Management

We oversee the administration of family foundations. We currently manage charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and a variety of public and private charitable organizations. We advise on compliance and tax issues and provide investment management services for these entities.

Empower and Provide for Loved Ones

We provide our clients with the structures and tools to help enrich the lives of their loved ones, now and into the future. We work with heirs from childhood on to nurture and develop a comfort and competence with financial matters.

We create and supervise estate and wealth management plans solid enough to weather tough economic times yet flexible enough to capitalize on ever-changing market and tax environments.

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