“Prosperity across generations”

From Concerns to Control – Become a Client

We collaborate and guide you through a journey that begins with your concerns and ends in coordination, comfort and control.

Our timeline is efficient. Click on each of the sections of the diagram below to learn more about how we can become your wealth manager.

1. Discovery

First we get to know each other as people and professionals. This encounter is engaging, interactive, interesting and fun! We discuss your goals, values, relationships and future needs.

We :

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Answer questions you have
  • Determine if we can provide you with substantial value

2. Organization


  • Present preliminary analyses of your confidentially submitted information
  • Listen to and incorporate your feedback on our initial opinions
  • Clarify any concerns about your potential plans and discuss our fees
  • Educate you on next steps in the formalization of our Mutual Commitment

3. Mutual Commitment


  • Build a comprehensive, dynamic and understandable plan
  • Collect and address any questions about our planning as presented
  • Present and explain executable contracts, agreements and paperwork
  • Sign the appropriate documents
  • Congratulate you for bringing control and prosperity to your affairs!

4. Implementation

We construct a portfolio to serve your current and projected needs. This is the beginning of our ongoing advisory and portfolio management process. For most clients it is a milestone that brings a sense of satisfaction and relief.


  • Record any material or noteworthy changes in your financial life since our Mutual Commitment
  • Finalize any outstanding administrative items
  • Prepare for periodic Progress Meetings and explain their importance in following through with your long-term goals

5. Progress Meetings

As time passes and needs change, your plan and portfolio design will need adjustments.


  • Ask about and record any material or noteworthy changes in your life since the previous meeting
  • Determine any new financial needs and explore new investment opportunities
  • Provide actionable advice on major financial matters
  • Present updates on economic trends, portfolio performance and applicable tax considerations
  • Obtain your approval for account changes, transfers and tax management procedures
  • Help you monitor your progress through regular statements, internet-accessible account information, and telephone or in-office conversations

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